How to fix Blue Screen of Death errors on Windows 11

How to fix blue screen Windows 11.It would’ve been way better if these stop error screens laid out in plain words what was the issue that led to the crash. However, until Microsoft brings such changes to the error screen, we have to make do with the fixes that could potentially weed out the problem so you’re not visited by the ghost of your computer’s past. 

On Windows 11, Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) refers to the error on the screen when the system cannot handle a specific operation that causes the device to crash without warning.

Usually, you will see a "blue screen" (also referred to as "stop error," "system crash," or "bug check") during an upgrade, starting up the system, or "out of the blue" when you're actively working with applications. Furthermore, you will only see a blue background with a sad kaomoji with insufficient information to determine the reason for the problem.

However, the issue can usually be narrowed to a buggy update, device driver, compatibility issues with a specific app, or a piece of hardware that needs replacing.

How to fix blue screen Windows 11

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The Windows BSOD occurs because of the following:
  •     Hardware issues
  •     Viruses
  •     Incompatible or outdated device drivers
  •     Damaged or missing system files
  •     Faulty or buggy app installation
  •     Corrupted update components

Troubleshoot blue screen errors

A blue screen error (also called a stop error) can occur if a problem causes your device to shut down or restart unexpectedly. You might see a blue screen with a message that your device ran into a problem and needs to restart.

Here are the steps to reboot into safe mode on Windows 11:

  •     Click on the Start menu button(Windows logo icon) on your desktop screen.
  •     Click on the Power icon.
  •     Hold the shift button and click on Restart. Your pc will reboot and you will be taken to another menu.
  •     Go to Advanced options > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings. 
How to fix blue screen Windows 11

Select the Safe mode option by pressing the respective button. Your pc will reboot into safe mode
 or  Next, click Restart, and once the system is rebooted, press F4 to enable safe mode.
How to fix blue screen Windows 11


If your Boot Configuration gets corrupted, you can be dealing with BSOD. Here’s how to fix that:
  •     Attach USB with installation media.
  •     Restart the device.
  •     BIOS loading, click on supported function keys such as F2, F4, F9, Esc, or Del to launch the Boot Menu.
  •     Go to Choose.
  •     Click Troubleshoot.
  •     Go to Advanced Options.
  •     Click on Command Prompt and type bootrec/scanos, bootrec/fixmbr, bootrec/fixboot, bootrec/rebuildcd after one another.
  •     Reboot the device.

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